Morgan’s Library

salomeFor the past few years, Morgan has been avidly researching Belly Dance history, North African cultures and languages, Orientalism, Colonialism and more. Here is her current library. She is always looking for new books, so please feel free to make suggestions for Belly Dance related books, magazines, and more…


  • Farida Fahmy’s UCLA Thesis “The Creative Development of Mahmoud Reda – Contemporary Egyptian Choreographer”
  • “Femininity and Dance in Egypt : Embodiment and Meaning in al-Raqs al-Baladi” Noha Roushdy

Books on World Music

  • “Making Music in the Arab World – The Culture and Artistry of Tarab” A.J. Racy
  • “The Music of the Arabs” Habib Hassan Touma
  • “Drumming at the Edge of Magic : A Journey into the Spirit of Percussion” Mickey Hart

Books on World Culture

  • “Baladi Women of Cairo: Playing with an Egg and a Stone” – Evelyn A. Early

Belly Dance Formats & Related Books

  • “The New Danse Orientale : Salimpour Belly Dance Format” Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour
  • “Jamila’s Article Book : Selections of Jamila Salimpour’s articles published in Habibi Magazine, 1974 – 1988”
  • “The Salimpour School of Belly Dance Compendium – Volume 1 : Beyond Jamila’s Articles” Abigail Keyes, Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour

Belly Dance History

  • “Looking for Little Egypt” Donna Carlton
  • “A Trade Like Any Other : Female Singers and Dancers in Egypt” Karin Van Nieuwkerk
  • “Before They Were Belly Dancers : European Accounts of Female Entertainers in Egypt, 1760 – 1870” Kathleen W. Fraser
  • “The Devil in the White City” Erik Larson
  • “Serpent of the Nile” Wendy Buonaventura
  • “Arabesque Magazine” published by Ibrahim Farrah, 1975 – 1997

Belly Dance (General)

  • “Grandmother’s Secrets : The Ancient Rituals and Healing Power of Belly Dancing” Rosina Fawzia al-Rawi

Orientalism & Colonialism in North Africa

  • “Orientalism” Edward W. Said
  • “Salomé” Oscar Wilde
  • “The Politics of Vision : Essays on Nineteenth-Century Art and Society” Linda Nochlin

Dance Creation & Choreography

  • “The Intimate Act of Choreography” Lynne Anne Blom and L. Tarin Chaplin
  • “The Moment of Movement: Dance Improvisation” Lynne Anne Blom and L. Tarin Chaplin
  • “The Art of Making Dances” Doris Humphrey
  • “Dance Composition” Jacqueline M. Smith-Autard
  • “Critical Response Process” Liz Lerman and John Borstel


  • “A Voice like Egypt” – Documentary of Um Kalthoum
  • “At Night, They Dance” – Documentary of a family of dancers in Egypt
  • “Dancers” – Celame Barge, documentary of dancers in Egypt
  • “Ethiopia Dances for Joy” – Documentary about Ethiopia
  • “The Fez Documentary” – Roxxanne Shelaby

Books in Cue

  • “Jewel of the Nile, Vol. 2”
  • “Trance Dancing with the Jinn” – Yasmin Henkesh
  • “When the drummers were women” – Layne Redmond
  • “Daughter of Egypt” – Marjorie A. Franken
  • “The Cloth of Egypt” – Devine & Westerfeld
  • “Belly Dance: Orientalism, Transnationalism, & Harem Fantasy” – Mazda
  • “Colors of Enchantment” – Zuhur
  • “Wombs and Alien Spirits”
  • “The Manners & Customs of the Modern Egyptians” – Edward Lane