Fusion Belly Dance

Morgan Fay does Fusion belly dance both as a soloist, and as a member of several different troupes and group projects.

(Dancers featured: Danielle Elizabeth, Makeda Perryman, and Morgan Fay, all playing zils)

Morgan is part of the Portland Belly Dance Busking group Baksana, a brass balkan-inspired belly dance band. In Baksana all the music is live and performed by talented musicians from Portland; the dancers are musicians as well. Baksana is directed by Paul Evans and Danielle Elizabeth. Find out more about Baksana here: http://baksanabellydance.com/

(Dancers featured: Danielle Elizabeth, Tabra Bay, Makeda Perryman, Brittany Welch, Janelle Jackson, and Morgan Fay)

(Musicians featured: Paul Evans, Jason Ramirez, Doug Shafer, Charles Paik, Mark Vehrencamp, Kristnh Ramirez, Bobak Salehi, Eric Stern, and many other collaborators)

Morgan Fay had the great honor of performing with one of her teachers, Rachel Brice, and an amazing group of dancers at Tribal Fest in 2013, as part of Rachel Brice’s Datura Project.

(Dancers featured: Ashley Lopez, Brittany Welch, Colette Todorov, Danielle Elizabeth, Janelle Jackson, Margaret Gustafson, Makeda Perryman, Maurie Travers, Morgan Fay, Rachel Brice, and Tabra Bay)

And check out parts 1 and 2 from Tribal Fest 2014!

She also was honored to dance with Apsara, as part of the Apsara Experience. Apsara is a Tribal Nouveau Temple Belly Dance Troupe based out of Portland, OR and is comprised of the very talented NagaSita, Katy Swenson, and Koreen Elizabeth.

(Dancers featured: NagaSita, Kay Swenson, Koreen Elizabeth, Moria Chappell, Sedona Soulfire, Monique Trinity Rose, Belinda Underwood, and Morgan Fay)


Morgan Fay also performed as part of Basharaat Belly Dance Company, based in Lincoln, NE, from 2005-2012. Basharaat Belly Dance Company is directed by Hallie Marie, and was co-directed by Morgan Fay from 2011-2012.

(Dancers featured: Hallie Marie and Morgan Fay)

morgan fay and hallie marie


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